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The birth of Pretty Neat Creative

Katy Pretty Neat Creative

Take a trip back to 2016, when Katy’s mother was suffering a digestive disease, after the surgery, she could hardly go somewhere else but her small apartment and day by day, it caused her stress significantly rise. With the hope that focus on a particular thing will help her mom forget the whole outside world, included her pain, stress and sorrow, Katy bought her some crafting kits. Working on those things from dawn till dusk and immersing herself in the happiness of seeing her own products, all of her pessimist feeling went away.

Realizing the healing power of handmade stuffs, Katy carried out research into them and the more information she found, the more attractive, addictive to those things she felt. With two other energetic, dynamic fellows, who are eager to create something useful, beneficial, meaningful for our human community, they decided to give birth to Pretty Neat Creative and that’s when they started their crafting journey.

Vision and mission

With our global vision, we set up our office in Singapore and main warehouse in China, from there our products will be worldwide shipped out. We have a branch warehouse in US as well, which stores the seasonal and best-selling items.. After 3 years of running this business, we get engagement with a considerable number of customers from Asia, Australia, Europe to North and South America. Never think of geographical limitations when coming us, no matter where you are, we’ll reach you.

As we shared, more than hundreds time, about our mission with our beloved customers, at Pretty Neat Creative we not only sell things but also the pleasure, the happiness. So, we aim to make our store become the place for you to relieve your burdens, enrich your soul and be satisfied with things made by your loving hands.

Exclusive values

For the purpose of bringing our customers the experience as happy as we could, we never stop trying to improve ourselves, better our products and services. Seldom may you find these exclusive values below at any online store but Pretty Neat Creative:

  • Premium quality: We make our products fully completed down to every single small detail and when the packages come to you, it must be in the highest-quality situation. From the cardboard tube to protect your canvas from creases, wrinkles, breakages to the soft canvas, the poured glue method on it and the brilliant 26-facet beads.
  • Trendy-Unique design: Never can you feel dull with the old boring things at Pretty Neat Creative. Our creative designers devote all of their energy to bring the newest trendy-unique designs which suit several purposes for your life.
  • 365-day Warranty: Before 16 March 2020, you had 30 days to ask for returning or refunding for the unexpected products with a proof required, but now the date is up-to 365 days. With the principle of laying the absolute trust on our customers, there is no proof asked now. Moreover, the partially or fully completed products with unexpected outcome are now supported to exchange to an equally valuable gift card for you.
  • “Uh-Oh” Warranty: Just want you to stop complaining “Uh-Oh” when dropping or missing your beads! For the whole lifetime, we provide you with Unlimited and Free-Replacement Beads, no question asked, no proof required, no fee charged. Feel free to contact us to request sending more beads whenever you need.
  • Express Customer Service: Our CS team is always available and willing to help you whenever you need us, you can receive support from our CS team within 8 hours and can directly make a phone call to our Call Center in case you need any emergency help. Our hotline: +1(918)986-7681

Worldwide Community

It’s not the story between you and us at Pretty Neat Creative, a worldwide community with more than thousands of crafting heart is with you. From many different countries, they join and share with us their story, their gorgeous products, they help other crafters deal with any trouble they get when working in progress. You may also be a part of this community, join now, meet new friends, expand your network and get a special discount code which is only available for our members.

Pretty Neat Creative Team


Address: HUGECOMWIN PTE. LTD 111 North Bridge Road, #08-11 Peninsula Plaza City Hall, Singapore 179098


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Rosemary Dickson says:

    Good Day. I would like to order from you however i live in in South Africa. In view of Covid could you advise if you deliver here. thanks

  2. Theresa Redgrave says:

    I would like to know what to do with the extra beads from my paintings. I save them in their original bags and # on them thanks for a reply.

    • Lyna says:

      Hi Theresa,
      Thanks for your interesting question. You can share your leftover beads with fellows to get $10 USD from PNC for each transaction. Furthermore, I’ve sent you an email with nice designs from leftover beads and you can do some for yourself. If you have any concerns, please kindly contact us via mailbox

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