How to avoid popping issue while diamond painting?

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Diamond Painting is such a great new craft for everyone, just so relaxing and rewarding!!! But sometimes you still meet some struggle and might need advice from experts, right? 

We understand that so today we will share with you one of the must-know tips for diamond painters. All information is collected from PNC experts and you can surely follow base on their experience.

diamond painting tip

diamond painting

diamond painting tip

How to avoid popping issue? Many customers keep asking this question in Our Community. And here are the simple answers:


This step is very important to have a better finished-project, especially diamond painting starters should mind this.

  • Checkerboard method

checkerboard method

checkerboard method

  • Go slow with tweezers

Diamond painting is just relaxing, all you need to do is go slowly and enjoy it! Carefully use a tweezers to pick the diamonds then place it on canvas at a perfect position. All the beads will end up nicely straight!

diamond painting tweezers


You can use Modge Podge, Aqua Glue or Nail polish… to seal your finished canvas to keep the beads stay there for a long time. 

Below are some experience from PNC members:

seal diamond painting

seal diamond painting

seal diamond painting


The other issue is some of the gems are just a little too big to sit there properly, if you can pull the one that keeps popping out, you can replace it with a smaller one since they aren’t all the same exact size.

If your beads are not in good shape. Feel free to message your seller to get better beads. Almost sellers support this, especially Pretty Neat Creative do support LIFETIME for this issue.

lifetime missing beads


You’d better use a rolling pin when your project’s all done but for someone’s sections (usually 4″ x 4″), they use a little wallpaper seam roller, if they are lifting it pushing them in place, also put something heavy on them when not working on it. 

At Pretty Neat Creative, we use a wooden roller, simple but elegant. View more

diamond painting wooden roller

diamond painting wooden roller

diamond painting wooden roller


You usually find that the beads are popping because there’s a bubble between the canvas and sticky coating from it getting folded on accident, an Exacto knife works well when used carefully, of course, to cut a slice in the sticky layer and flatten it down before putting the gems on.

diamond painting air bubble

Actually, only double-sided tape canvas has this issue. You can refer poured glue canvas to get a better quality. Click here to view poured glue canvas collection.

I hope these 5 tips will bring you just a beautiful project without any issues! Just follow this and you never need to worry about how to avoid popping drill. 

Meanwhile, there are thousands of awesome tips that you never know before. Join PNC Community now to learn and share! Join now! 

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