How to Frame Diamond Paintings

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Diamond paintings are quickly gaining momentum in the world of adult crafting. You may be somewhat familiar with it and looking for the best way on how to frame diamond paintings? Or you may find yourself wondering, what is diamond painting? Not to worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know about DIY diamond painting and get you on your way to frame it.

How to frame A Diamond Painting

The process of diamond painting

Diamond painting involves building your picture using a canvas and applying the gems using the template and color guide to direct your process. Many crafters refer to the process as being similar to a hybrid between guided number painting and cross stitch. The final product, however, is much more satisfying and aesthetically pleasing for many. When you’ve received your diamond painting kit, you’ll be eager to get started right away. It’s well worth going over the basics and preparing your supplies ahead of time, however. In preparation for beginning your piece, you’ll need to do a few things:

1. Prepare your workspace. Make sure you have a clear, uncluttered area where you’ll be able to enjoy focusing on your diamond painting is best.

Don’t forget to take care of your health. Avoid neck and back pain by the Stand for Diamond Painting; avoid the eye problem by the Lightpad

2. Unpack and sort your supplies. Included in your kit are the canvas, pen, tweezers, wax, diamonds, tray, and an instruction paper.

Make sure don’t mess it up! There is a must-have storage box that almost diamond painters are using it. You can refer the Magic Handbag here.

3. Set up your diamonds. Many crafters work with a single color at a time, and this is recommended for beginners. If you find that you’d rather work with all colors in a section, be prepared with a sectioned crafting tray. 

Once you’ve prepared your space, you’re ready to begin. Simply place a small amount of wax on your pen, pick up the gem, and place it in the correct symbol. The amount of time needed to complete a diamond painting kit can vary widely, depending on several factors, such as your skills level and the size of the canvas. 

How to frame A Diamond Painting

Your masterpiece is complete – next steps

Often, diamond painting kit fans find as much pleasure in displaying their finished product as they do working on it. The options for displaying completed paintings are extremely versatile.  

Completed paintings can be sewn onto other objects as additional ornamentation. Whether it is decorative cushions, a tapestry style wall hanging, or a seasonal banner, the options abound. 

Often, kits have a traditional square or rectangular shape which makes them very popular for framing as a wall display piece. However, there are some diamond painting kits available that veer from these traditional shapes. Some great examples are Landscape Diamond Painting and the Mandala Diamond Painting. The round diamonds adds an extra dimension regarding options for display. 

 How to frame A Diamond Painting

How to frame diamond paintings

If you’ve chosen to frame your completed diamond painting kit, you will find there are still a plethora of options as to how you’ll do it.

You may choose to place your painting in an appropriately-sized frame. You can also choose your preferred color and material, mounted on canvas, use a dimensional style frame or just simply use stretcher bars.

While traditional framing is the most common, and by far the easiest way to show off your masterpiece, you’ll still want to remember these tips:

  • If you frame, don’t use glass. While glass provides a layer of protection, it also tends to dull the inherent sparkle of diamond paintings. If you worry about drill popping off, just seal it. See how to seal it here!
  • Always measure the whole piece and consider whether you’ll trim the edges of the canvas.
  • Decorate the edges by washi tapes if you don’t want to trim it.
  • Maintenance. Because of the texture and lack of glass protection, diamond painting can accumulate dust. To clean them, never use much pressure, iron or steam. You can easily clean your piece with a soft dry or damp cloth when needed.

However, you can easily use the stretcher bars to frame your diamond painting. They have so many different sizes that match! But sometimes, you have odd sizes and cannot find the right one. Just order a custom frame! A reference here.

How to frame A Diamond Painting

If you decide to mount your diamond painting onto canvas, there are some key elements to consider to best display your work:

  • Measure. Before even purchasing the canvas, be sure to measure your painting. Often, the size of the decorated portion of the template and does not include the plain border surrounding it.
  • Determine your canvas mounting style. This is entirely at your discretion. However, decide ahead of time if you will have a border of canvas around the edges, or whether your painting will cover the entire area.
  • Use high-quality materials. More specifically, the adhesive you’ll be using. Use a strong permanent adhesive and apply evenly from corner to corner.



A stretcher bar is used to construct a wooden stretcher used by artists to mount their canvases. Stretchers are usually in the shape of a rectangle, although shaped canvases are also possible.

You can get it from any craft stores or Pretty Neat Creative with various sizes, even odd ones. 


  • Use the pen marks the wood position on your diamond painting canvas (back side or front side is okay).
  • Cut the exceeding on your canvas. The wood angle facing the angle and then the narrow side of groove toward inwardly. Make sure the wood edge and the painting edge coincide each other.


  • Turn to back side of your diamond painting canvas, rip off the double adhesive tape one by one then fix the wood on correct position.


  • Erect the wood make sure the painting angle clamped between the wood angle.
  • Press the wood to be more fixed.


  • Input the “U” nail in to the corner of the wood.


  • Input the card board to steady the frame.


When you’re ready to display your completed diamond painting kit, no matter your display method, it is guaranteed to draw attention. This is an art form you can enjoy from the moment you begin to every moment viewed on display. With that said, we hope we have answered your questions about how to frame diamond paintings.

If you need more ideas on diamond painting designs and where to get stretcher bars, feel free to visit Pretty Neat Creative. Thousands of designs are there and waiting for you!

Wanna try another framing technique? Try Foam Board now!

So now…. Before getting your own one, let’s refer some finished one from us and other fellows! Just comment below if you have any questions, we are always willing to support you guys!

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how to frame diamond painting
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