How To Keep Your Square Drills Stay Straight?

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If you are new to Diamond Painting, the round drills would be a suitable choice for you, because it’s much easier to work on, compared to the square one. However, when you spend a pretty long time on this hobby, you will realize that almost Diamond Painting experts prefer the square.

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The simple reason is that the square creates a fuller and more complete looking artwork. So you decided to try on a square guy too… and you get many troubles while working with it. No way to keep your drills stay straight, gaps between them, popping problem, etc. If you’re struggling with this guy or on the edge of quitting your square project, then this article must be for you: All tips you need to follow when Diamond Paint with square drills.

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1. Use checkerboard method with light color section

This method is quite popular in Diamond Painter Community, however, you may not know about it. So here is your information: it’s simply a way to work on square drill Diamond Painting, we just put the drills on our canvas to make it look like a chessboard.


So why use it with light color section? The light color square drills like white, mint green, vanilla, etc show quite much gaps and this method seems the best solution to deal with this problem. You can actually see the borderline of the entire drill you place on your canvas that gives you a better chance to minimize the risk of gaps, as well as keep your drill stay straight in line.

2. Use multi placer with dark color section

Pour the drills in your tray and shake until they line up beautifully. Then slightly pick several drills at the same time, gently press down the drills in a straight line on your canvas.

If there’re some crooked drills, use your tweezers to lift them up and reposition. Remember don’t slide and push around your drills because it will completely pop off.

3. Use a Light Pad

There’s no Diamond Painting expert who can live without this item, or we can say that a painter can hardly become an expert without Light Pad. Yes, it’s one of the indispensable things for people with a sparkling mind like us!


If you work on a 40×50 canvas or so on, you will see there a huge number of different symbols that will confuse you when you work in a low light condition. It seems impossible to diamond paint when you can not see the symbols or drills clearly, especially with the dark section. It even brings you a tough experience while working in progress, and slow down your speed too.

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4. Use a Mesh Ruler

This must be the most direct and quickest way to keep your square drills stay straight. Many diamond painters, especially those who just started with the square project used and they all loved it. That’s why so strongly recommend this item for beginners.


Its cost is affordable while it brings pretty much convenience for you. It’s just like a mould, simply put it on your canvas and stick your drills into the holes, you’ll see your square drills beautifully line up.

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