How To Tackle Confetti When Diamond Paint?


If you’ve been working on Diamond Painting for a pretty long time and finished some big and detailed canvases, you must face with the confetti, right?

Working on the confetti section may cause you to lose your mind because of the complicated symbols and various colors in a small space. Some painters even get dizzy and dazzle while diamond painting the confetti.

However, Diamond Painting experts love it! Just because the more complex the section is, the more detailed their canvas turns out. So, how to tackle the confetti section without going insane? You can find your solutions in this article.

First, what’s confetti and where’s it?

Confetti is a small area in your canvas that has tons of different colors and symbols. Working on this section means that you have to continuously switch the drills and extremely focus on small symbols.

Diamond paintings with heavy confetti can be usually found in landscape designs which include the explosion of colors, details, and symbols.


Work from dark to light

The most basic and simple but popular to work on confetti section is to start with the darkest color first, then lighter, and the lightest ones at last. It helps you sort the patterns on your canvas and makes it easier to find them.

It’s hard to imagine, right? So take a try now, just find a canvas with a heavy confetti section, set it up on your table with your drills and tools. Pick the darkest color in the section and diamond paint it first, you’ll realize that when the darkest drills are placed, you’ll be able to see the borderline of that section and simply find the next color you need without any confusion.

Work with several trays and colors at the same time

One reason for Diamond Painter to flinch with the confetti section is that it’s a true time-killer. As we said before, this progress requires you to continuously switch the colors of your drills. You pour one color in the tray, work in a small area for a moment, and then pour again into your storage boxes. This procedure repeats and repeats. You work hard all day long and when the day ends, you see that you just finish a small confetti section!

Then why not work with multiple trays and colors at the same time? We believe that you own not only one tray, right? So just use them up and make them your savior in this case.

how to tackle confetti 2 - 5D Diamond Painting Kits | Pretty Neat Creative

Look at the confetti section that you’re going to work on, prepare for all colors of the drills you need, pour them into your trays, and set up a table with 3, 4, 5 trays, etc, as many as you want to. And just immerse yourself in your diamond painting world, nothing to worry about the taking-time process.

However, remember when you work this way, make sure that there’re no babies or puppies around you or all the drills in your trays can be easily spilled out. Be careful with your hand too, just a careless movement from your elbow and you have to take a whole hour to clean up!

The best solution we suggest here is a Tray Holder. It can help you work with several trays at once while completely keep them safely stay on your table.


Just take a break when you need it

Don’t need to push yourself too hard. The objective of this crafting is to help you relax, not put more pressure on you!

No matter what the tips and tricks you use, the confetti section still takes time. Take a break after every hour you sit for your project because your eyes need to rest, your shoulders, back and fingers need to stretch.

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4 thoughts on “How To Tackle Confetti When Diamond Paint?

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    Lucia E Mesa says:

    Thank you for all this good information it really helps i just got my ocean ship and i am in love with it cant wait to finish but i know i have to take my time.
    Thank you again good quality of pictures you have!

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      Lyna Dinh says:

      Hi Noreen,
      Thanks for your questions! Our processing time takes 5-7 business days then our shipping time is 2-4 weeks.
      Hope to get your coordination!

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