How Does A Light Pad Help While Diamond Painting?

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Diamond Painting is an addictive thing, of course! It’s extremely easy but funny, relaxing, helpful to our health, both physical and mental. Guess that anyone who is reading this article must get hook on it, but everything is challenging if you just try to work on your own, without any important tool, and worse, it can cause you pain. So here we show you the solution for a smooth work in progress: The Amazing Uses of A Small Light Pad and How Does It Help While Diamond Painting.

How to Diamond Painting with Our Kiddos?

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We all know that we’re now living in a challenging time. As the consequences of the pandemic, most things shut down and we stuck at home all the time. We have to homeworking and the kiddos homeschooling. There’s no activity for them but sticking with their devices all the time. Frankly, I have to say that I’m sick of seeing that terrible scenery. And that’s when I came up with the idea of Making Diamond Painting Together. 

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer

Ideas For Your Diamond Painting Organizer - 5D Diamond Painting Kits | Pretty Neat Creative

Everyone who does diamond painting should have their organizer. Diamond painting organizers are great for sorting out your work, so it never gets lost. They will also be helpful if you decide to show off some of the art you created.

We recommend having more than one organizer if you’re serious about this craft. You could have one of them for your favorite work, for your most recent work as well as for any unfinished projects.


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80% of Diamond painting artists believe that working in a bad light condition is the main reason to cause stress if you enjoy your craft for a long time. If your eyes can’t work as well as before or you want to see all the symbol code more clearly on the canvas, we recommend you to try the Light Pad Diamond Painting.

How to work with big diamond paintings?

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We shared with you hundreds time about how our experts love to work with big diamond paintings and how sparkle they turn out when finished. We know it will definitely be a heavy challenge to carry them out, especially at the very first steps. Nevertheless, don’t put any pressure on yourself, you always have us! We list below some tips for you to deal with your huge project easier. 

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