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How To Stay Healthy While Diamond Painting ?!


Making diamond paintings is an easy and relaxing, enjoyable activity for all young and old crafters. But if you are one of diamond painting lovers, please pay attention to your health when you’re so interested in the works and stay still too long for drilling.

Although painting with diamonds has many good benefits to your health, it also comes with some unexpected problems. When you sit and making it for too long, there will be some problems to your health such as:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Shoulder and Elbow Pain
  • Weak Legs and Glutes

To help you prevent from getting these problems, we have found out some ways for you. 

1. Take hourly breaks

Every hour,  get up from your desk or table and go for a quick walk anywhere. Just move. It will help you to reduce the stress to your eyes and also stretch your legs.

diamond painting

Pam Spurdle with her lovely diamond painting class!

2. Stretch or move in place

Don’t have anywhere to go? So you can stand up and stretch every half hour or so, touch your toes, walk or march in place for a few minutes.

diamond painting

3. Set alarms on your computer or mobile device

Every hour of making diamond paintings, have a little ringer go off to remind you to take a stretch or walk to the nearest tree or neighbor's house, or even walk/ play with your pet.

diamond painting

A great helper of Michelle Jenkins

4. Hit the water

Get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it on your desk. Make yourself drink at least one full bottle before lunch, and one full one for the rest of the day. Drinking water will keep you fuller and less tempted to snack on empty calorie

diamond painting

5. Use some useful support tools

A light pad is more useful than you think! Many choices for you such as light pad A4, bigger A3, bigger A2…

diamond painting lightpad

Moreover, an adjustable folding table or a simple easel is amazing! Let’s see some experience shared by diamond painters.

diamond painting

diamond painting

diamond painting

diamond painting

diamond painting

diamond painting

Still need help? Comment below or email us, we are always here to help you.

In the meantime, you can join our Diamond Painting Community for more tips and tricks. Join now!

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