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How To Use Diamond Painting Ruler?


Now that you have found your new obsession in the form of diamond art, the issue of achieving that “perfect” painting remains. Diamond art, like all other arts, requires practice and precision.

Since diamond painting is gaining more and more popularity, we have queries coming in, regarding how to keep drills stay straight, especially the square ones and how to use mesh rulers efficiently. So, here are the best tips that will help you in mastering the art of diamond painting.?

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1. Why We Need A Ruler?

Anyone who’s ever had to diamond paint has known the struggle of keeping your drills straight and avoiding gaps among them. So, a ruler would be your lifesaver for these problems, which helps to create intricate diamond paintings easily and accurately as well as save your time adjusting the drills in line.

2. How It Works?

The ruler has holes in it which coincide with the numbered indicators of the diamonds on the canvas. The holes in the ruler help to keep the drills separated yet fixed in the position. Once you are done with the portion you have worked on, you can remove the stainless-steel ruler and move on to the next portion

Types of diamond painting ruler: The square diamond beads conveniently fit in through the square-shaped ruler while the round ones will fit in through the round-shaped ruler.

3. How To Use?

Step 1:

Carefully line the ruler perfectly with the lines on the canvas and slowly lay it down because you don’t want it fit in one spot and not the others. If it’s not lined up properly, then it defeats the whole purpose of the ruler.

Step 2:

Take your drills and place them in holes. The round ruler will have each hole cut out separately whereas a square one has a little line in the middle.

With the help of the drill placer, fill each slot with diamonds following the color of the template till the whole section is fully covered. 

You will hear a little snapping and that little snapping lets you know that you have them in place and your drills have gone through the ruler or onto the canvas and not just sitting on top of the canvas.

Step 3:

When you get the section done, the next thing you’re gonna do is take a roller. If you don’t have a roller, use a bottle or can to roll over the finished section until you don’t hear the snapping anymore.

Don’t scroll too hard ‘cuz you don’t wanna break your diamonds once. You can also give a slight press to the diamond to make sure that they are firmly placed. Haven't got a roller yet? Check it out

Step 4:

Carefully and slowly remove the ruler. Make sure to not do it on the edge of these mesh rulers because they are made very very sharp. So, what you should do is lift the canvas, bend it and put your hand underneath the ruler, then slowly lift it off the canvas.

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Other Tips: 

  • To avoid getting dust and dirt, after use, take a little damp paper towel and wipe it down to get the glue remnants off just in case you have pet and their fur is gonna stick to your ruler.
  • It would be a little tedious since you have to continuously go up and down. However, with PNC poured-glue canvas, no worries about the glue on canvas getting ruined by the mesh ruler going up and down.
  • The back of the ruler could also be used to keep your drills straight in line row by row. 
  • If your ruler starts to bend a bit after used several times, bend it upside down and put it under a pile of books or heavy things for a day to keep it flat again.

We hope this blog gives you more ideas how to use mesh rulers. So if you’re having any problem with your canvas or tools, just contact us via our email to receive our prompt support. 

Like always, any questions or comments you may have, feel free to drop them down below! Don’t forget to join PNC Community to share your WIP with thousands of other Diamond painters.

Happy Diamond Painting! ❤️

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Ernestine Hutchens calendar_today

I have both of the rulers and how do you get them to line up exactly? Mine gets off lines about half way thru the painting. Thank you Ernestine

Martha Philbin calendar_today

I recently got the ruler—square drill one—and I love it. My paintings are now even and straight. No extra work involved :)

Tiffany calendar_today

How do we know what size ruler to get?

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