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As the world is responding to COVID-19 in order to contain and cure the virus, we have a social responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our team and you - our amazing customers. Whether you want a custom diamond painting or a storage handbag, your next shipment is in our capable (clean!) hands and we are taking precautionary measures to ensure that you can continue to shop your dream outfits, while social distancing, with no disruptions whatsoever.


Our entire HQ team is working from home for the coming weeks but we’re still here to answer all your questions (via email, live chat, DMs and phone), and we’ll continue to entertain you with minigames and finished inspirations from other PNC customers.


Our Distribution Centre will be processing orders as normal while they continue to maintain a high standard of hygiene & safety by using face masks and gloves, sanitizing equipment and implementing precautionary in-house protocols.

[JAN 08] New Update On Shipping To The UK 

<span">All items are now ready to be shipped to the UK. However, the shipping line is still affected by the pandemic, and it may take up-to 15 days for the package to arrive.

[DEC 23] Important Update For Customers In UK

<span">As the new coronavirus variant is spreading more rapidly in the UK, postal services are closed, and we have to make this difficult decision:

  • Diamond Painting from size 60*60 cm / 23.6*23.6  inches and above can't be shipped to the UK since 21 Dec 2020.
  • Diamond Painting below size 60*60 cm / 23.6*23.6 inches; Diamond Painting Multi-panel; Tools and Accessories can be shipped within 1-3 weeks.

[JUL 20] Shipping Speed Is Returning To Normal

As the consequence of the pandemic, we experienced a long hard time. Shipping delay, package return, restricted postal services, etc. However, it's over at last. Everything now is getting back on track.

Our Shipping Operation is returning to business as usual. The shipping time now is 3-6 weeks since you place your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding through the difficult period. We always do everything we can to get orders to you as quickly and safely as possible.

[JUL 10] Tracking Number Important Update

We know everyone is still patiently waiting for your orders and totally understand how frustrated you must be. I truly apologize for this issue because the shipping time is not as you expected.

First and foremost, we can all acknowledge how horrible the outbreak is and wish anyone affected by the Coronavirus all the strength in the world to recover.

Fact is, as A Diamond Painting Supply, we are also affected by the Coronavirus and demonstration as well.
? Since March, our factory and all shipping agencies are seriously facing a shortage of manpower, international flights
? Then June, some problems happened without our control such as fires, theft, looting parcels… Our factory understands that we must try our best of best to support our customers.

Because of that, we would like to update you on the potential impacts of the outbreak on delivery services.

We are still fulfilling orders on a daily basis (within 7 working days) but parcel volumes remain at a high level so all shipping agencies now are processing slower than normal circumstances. The standard shipping timelines have been delayed by up to 60 business days. Please be patient as we work to get shipments out as quickly as possible, with everyone’s safety in mind.

Also, you might be confused at least once because of the tracking information updated, right? Today I will help to clarify these issues for you:

The tracking number shows EXPIRED? No worries, your parcel is still in transit, the carrier has not updated the tracking information on time due to the high volume of postage.

The tracking number shows UNKNOWN or only “Logistics order created” for over a week? Your parcel could be lost or changed to another tracking number by the shipping agency. We always keep tracking daily but still missed some. So please help reach out to get new updated asap.

The tracking number doesn’t update any moving? No worries, it’s still in transit. It is just under another transportation period or arrived its destination country and delay customs inspection due to pandemic.

✅ The tracking number starts with 3A5Vxxxx, please select CNE carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with JCTxxxx, please select JCEX carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 1Z94xxxx (18 digits), please select UPS carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 8xxx / 1xxx/ 3xxx/ 4xxx… (10 digits), please select UPS carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 17xxxx (12 digits), please select UPS carrier.

⚠️‼️! More than the purpose of giving you the happiness at PNC, to show our gratitude to you for accompanying us through those years and our absolute trust for you, we created a revolution in our policy, that’s how our 365-day Warranty was born. These changes will make you feel safe and sound for the whole year.

? Up to 365 days for you to ask for returning or refunding.
? Products completed partially or fully with unexpected outcomes are also supported.

Lastly, thank you so much for being patient with us for a long time, we really appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting you again soon.
Everything now is getting more stable and we will always keep you updated. Please stay tuned! ❤️

[JUN 23] Affected Postal Services Update

We assure that your package will be transported to Logistic Company within 8 days since you place your order. Nevertheless, we are still suffering the impact of nCOV virus. The decrease of global flights makes our logistic system take more time to process your order. It was 20 days before but now up to 60 days. Besides that, the postal services in some nations below are now restricting to prevent and control the epidemic, so it makes the shipping time to those countries may take a bit longer.

Please pay attention if you’re living in these affected postal services countries: Australia, USA, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, Caledonia, Colombia, Nepal, Jamaica, Iran, Italy, UAE, South Africa, Madagascar, Philippines, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Latvia, Nepal, Kuwait, Maldives, Rwanda, South Korea, Mauritius, Guatemala, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Samoa, French Polynesia, Curaçao, Malawi, Nepal, Togo, Portugal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Luxembourg, Fiji, Bozwana, Serbia, Mali, Thailand, Greece, Argentina, Iceland, Estonia, Slovak, Czech Republic, Grenada, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Mexico.

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us whenever you need.

[JUN 5] Late Tracking Number 

You may late receive your Tracking Number in a couple of days because of these reasons below:

  • For Big Size Diamond Painting (from size 90 cm above): Though Express Shipping Company picks your parcel on time, the long-lasting consequences of a pandemic makes processing time and queuing time of the shipping agency hold some days off. It normally takes 7 seven days for this step, but now it may be delayed in 2-3 days.
  • For Small Size Diamond Painting/Tool/Accessory: We use a particular line-ship for your parcel, after 7 days of producing and preparing, we ship it out right then. However, the tracking number is not active on the airplane, you will receive it from USPS/Canada Post/UK Royal Mail when your parcel arrives in your country. 

Because the factory is being overloaded, there is a serious shortage of workers after the outbreak. As a result, all processes may be delayed in 1-2 days. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us in case you need any further information.

[APR 28] Shipping Out Delay Notice To Who Ordered From Us On 20-28 Apr

We have to say sorry because your package might not ship out as planned. Recently, I have received the urgent inform form the shipping agency that most of the flights and ships have to be canceled and the shipping fee double increased.

Because of that, we are now preparing for a special line ship for you to assure that your package safely arrives at your door. In spite of the double shipping fee, we still cover all the incurred expenses for you, however, the cost is now reaching its peak.

We regret to inform you that our Logistic Department has to take more time to process your order, and it will be delayed until 5 of May for shipping out. We are doing our utmost to ensure as little as a delay as possible to you.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us in case you need any further information.

[MARCH 24] Shipping Time Delay Notice

Due to the low volume of global flights, it will take us some more days to process your orders. The restricted postal services also cause the shipping delay in some countries. 

Please pay attention if you’re living in these restricting flight countries: Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia.

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us whenever you need. 

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Maris DeVogel calendar_today

Looking for my order #37138..tracking #uf61 2098255… order date 12/5/20….please update me

Kris Fetty calendar_today

I’m looking for a painting I saw once on your sight before you went down for your update. Can not find it now. My description: Autumn evening with street lampposts and pumpkins around them. Can you help?

Jean MacDonald calendar_today

I just received a PNC kit that had been seriously delayed by the convid-19 virus. The new packing tube kept the painting in mint condition! I was very pleased & am going to do the diamond painting very soon as I want to try out the new canvas, glue & diamonds this kit has! Thanks again PNC for the help finding my dp & quick return correspondence!

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