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The Different Types of Diamond Painting Kits: Everything You Need to Know


Diamond painting is the newest craze in the arts and crafts industry. It gives novice and seasoned artists alike a fun and sparkly way to express their creativity through painting with crystal gems!

It is a unique but simple process. Artists use an application tool to apply small gems that resemble diamonds. They arrange the crystals to compose a picture on a canvas. This way, anyone can create a sparkly picture arranged in any way they want.

This art form originates from several earlier practices. It's similar to:

  • Cross stitching: This practice dates back to the middle ages and was practiced throughout Asia and Europe. It has developed over time and remains popular on its own.
  • Paint by numbers: This more recent art form was patented in the early 1920s. Sold in the 1950s in the U.S., it has significantly increased in popularity since.

Diamond Painting in Progress

Because diamond painting uses a combination of different art styles, different diamond painting kits have become available. Each produces different results.

Curious about how to learn this craft? Let's cover the different diamond painting kits available. We'll go over how you can use a kit to make your own glimmering pictures!

1. What All Diamond Painting Kits Have in Common

While there are many different kits available on the market, they each contain the same basic materials. Before we dive into the different types of diamond painting kits, here's a general overview of what customers get in a set:

  • Diamond applicator tool: This specialized tool resembles a rhinestone applier. It helps you precisely lay out your crystals and create your own painting with glittering gems.
  • Canvas material: This is the base you will be working with. It often comes in the form of fabric, resin, or plastic. It is accompanied by an easy-to-follow design chart. You can send in your own image to be printed on the canvas, or choose one from the website.
  • Colorful crystals: You can arrange your gems any way you like! There are two types. Square gems are used to create fuller-looking artworks. Round gems are easier to use and create more abstract art pieces.
  • Glue: to arrange and fix your gems onto your artwork.

Diamond Painting Package Include

Now that you’re familiar with how diamond painting works, here are the different types of kits that are used to help artists create their masterpieces!

2. General Diamond Painting Kits

General diamond painting kits are available with many designs – you can choose from thousands of designs on our website. They are great for everyone to inspire creativity! We recommend that beginners should choose a smaller kit to start with, and we even offer beginner’s bundles to help you get started.

5D Diamond Painting Kits Collection

Our kits are available in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose to create a painting featuring your favorite animal, element of nature, quote, or abstract design. There is a style available for all different aesthetic tastes.

Kits come with a specific canvas and picture size of your choice. If you’re eager to get started, a beginner, or you're looking for a simplistic project that won’t take too much of your time, a smaller picture size will work well for you. If you are more focused on attaining sharper details and a better picture resolution, opt for a bigger picture. The bigger picture, while more time-consuming to complete, produces a shinier and clearer final product.

Our kits help artists relieve stress and leave them with a beautiful sparkling piece of artwork. No matter the size or design you choose, you can create a satisfying final picture that showcases your creative vision.

3. Custom Diamond Painting Kits

Don't see the design you're looking for with our general kits? No problem! We have made custom diamond painting in the USA easily accessible.

Our custom diamond painting kits allow you to enhance your favorite personal pictures. The easy-to-follow directions teach you on how to make your own custom diamond painting canvases.

Do you have a beloved family portrait or a photograph that you are particularly proud of? Consider creating a personalized diamond picture with one of our custom 5D painting kits!

Custom Diamond Painting Kits - Pretty Neat Creative

Simply choose a favorite photo that is of clear quality for the best results. For ensuring clear photo quality, choose a photo that is of a 1:1; 3:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio with at least 1000px to ensure output quality. Then, upload the photo to our website and select a photo size that fits with your aspect ratio. You can choose the diamonds you would like to use to custom paint your photo, whether they be square or round gems.

We stock both 3D and 5D diamond painting kits. If you’re deciding between the two, here’s a rundown of the similarities and differences:

  • Both sets are easy to do! There’s no difference in how hard they are or long they take to complete.
  • 3D sets come with 3-faceted gems. This is the number of ‘sides’ the gems have which catch the light.
  • 5D sets come with 5-faceted gems. The crystals in these kits have more sides to refract light, making for a more sparkly end result.

No matter which custom set you make, painting with diamonds is an ideal way to relax – it’s a therapeutic activity and looks beautiful when you finish!

Painting with custom diamonds is the perfect way to spruce up an image or photo and give it a fresh look. Custom gemstone images will add originality to your living space. Why not diamond paint a photo for a friend or relative as a gift?

Want to know how to order a custom diamond painting kit? Check out our selection!

4. Multi-Panel Diamond Painting Kits

Sometimes, you can’t fulfill your artistic vision with one panel alone. Our multi-panel diamond painting kits allow you to create larger pieces of art that capture all of your artistic capabilities.

Diamond painting multi-panel kits let you create pieces that may be difficult to complete with one panel alone. Our 5 piece diamond painting and 3-panel diamond painting kits give you the versatility that is needed to paint expansive landscapes, cultural scenery, and inspirational quotes with glittering gems.

Do not go without the space you need. Our 5-panel diamond painting kits will give you optimal freedom to create the masterpiece you have in mind. The final product will add character to your home and complete any dining room, living room, kitchen, office, or hallway!

Multi-Panel Diamond Painting Kits - Pretty Neat Creative

5. LED Diamond Painting Kits

Want something even shinier than a 5D diamond painting? Our LED diamond painting kits will illuminate your art pieces like no other!

LED sets include LED bulbs installed behind the canvas to light up your pictures from behind, creating a pretty, glowing scene or portrait. Our most common LED 5D diamond painting designs are Christmas-themed: glimmering Christmas lights and snowy scenes are brought to life on our crystal art templates. Customers can also opt for Eiffel Tower and Tram Car designs from our LED kits. The LED lights bring out the real-life glow of these world wonders.

Crystal pick up pens are provided with each LED diamond painting kit. This is the best tool to create a shining piece that is sure to impress!

Once you complete the process, simply install batteries, mount your creation on a wall, and turn on its pre-installed switch. From there, step back, admire your unique piece of art, and let it light up your living space.

LED Diamond Painting Kits - Pretty Neat Creative

6. The Most Creative Way to Light Up a Room

Whether you are looking to create a decoration for your home, a heartfelt gift for your friend, or a personal achievement you can be proud of, a diamond painting set is a fantastic way to create beautiful and unique art.

From young to old, anyone can custom paint with diamonds! It's never been easier to produce a beautiful piece of original work. A kit made just for you will simplify the process. Easy-to-follow directions will encourage you to hone your skills, and a paint with diamonds multi-panel kit will give you all the room you need.

We hope that this diamond painting guide has given you a better idea of how to choose your very own set. We recommend starting out with a general or custom kit, then working towards more complicated designs.

Check out our selection of custom diamond art kits today. Get started on your next masterpiece!

Katy Perry,
Pretty Neat Creative Team

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