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Pinterest is an amazing place to get ideas for health and fitness, lifestyle, Do-It-Yourself crafts, fashion, books, and so much more. Serving as a social media site, it is similar to a search engine. You type in the topic that you want and get a variety of results based on the keywords you entered. Pinterest’s hashtag feature also links you to more of the content you are looking for.

Organizing Your Ideas with Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a very visual place where pinners “pin” pictures that link to different websites. You can have access to “how-to” tips, supply information, and places to shop. The pins are organized in Boards that you are able to label according to a category that you determine. Many pins will go to a website, a web store, or a video.

You can have up to 500 boards and save 200,000 pins.  You can decide if you want to keep your board secret or have it available for others to see and to follow.

Best Pinterest Boards for Diamond Painting

The best way to describe diamond painting is that it is cross stitch, paint-by-number, and mosaic combined in one.  It is an easy craft activity that can be done by kids and adults. Pictures are put together by using little diamond shaped pieces that make up colorful patterns and complex designs.  

Here are the Best Pinterest Boards for Diamond Painting that you can check out:

Diamond Painting/Cross Stitch Idea

Literary Winner has the top board, Diamond Painting/Cross Stitch Ideas. This board has over 4,300 pins. Almost 10,000 people follow this board that contains a large number of art designs that the pinner would like to create through Diamond Painting.  Each pin displays a drawing, painting, or even a garden flag, that gives Literary Winner ideas.

Diamond Painting

The board, Diamond Painting, was created by Debbie Head. All but one of the 72 pins are of Diamond Painting pieces that you can purchase from sites like eBay, Bonanza Marketplace, and Untitled Artisan.  There are over 1,300 followers of this board but Head has over 7,000 followers on Pinterest.

5D Diamond Painting

Barbara Bridge, a pinner from New Zealand, created the board “5D Diamond Painting.” This board contains 69 pins. The majority of the pins link back to patterns that the 214 followers can use to create their own Diamond Painting. Bridge mentions in her profile that crafts and DYI are her passion.

Diamond Painting

The 47 pins on Stacey Harrell’s board, Diamond Painting, provides the 1210 followers with information about supplies, paintings, ideas, patterns, and tips. Ideas for paintings range from Christmas to Patriotic or Mermaids.

Crafts-Diamond Paintings

Kelly Acker, of Acker Appliance in Alabama, has 60 pins and 1512 followers on her board Crafts-Diamond Paintings.  This board provides a lot of variety as there are pins about steps to diamond painting, general information about the process of painting, the supplies that you need for painting, and lots of ideas and patterns. 


It does not matter if you are looking for a pattern, an idea, a tip to follow, or a piece of art to purchase. You can find a wide variety of these on different Pinterest Boards. You join a large community of other followers and pinners on this social media site which serves as a visual search engine for anything you can imagine.

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