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Last month was a slow time for all of us, because of the social distancing, we almost spent time at home. And for those who have crafting minds like us, it's also the best time to work with Diamond Painting. We list Best Selling items of the months for you to reference, and also the message we want to send you in these designs.

LEOPARDGreat representations of warriors and hunters, a Leopard Diamond Painting must be something for you to do if you’re seeking something.


Leopard symbolizes elegance stealth and strength. Hot brilliant colors of the Diamond Painting brings us energy and focus while working in progress. And when it comes out, the sparkling beads will make us feel like seeing a real Leopard. That’s the reason why many painters chose to make this Leopard Diamond Painting to wake their power up in their rough time.

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MAGICAL DOOR TO THE SEAHear the summer vibe and the sound of the ocean with this Magical door to the sea Diamond Painting and release all of your burdens.


Being too anxious or stressful with your current situation? Find a Magical Door to go to The Sea, the romantic scenery of the Diamond Painting will help you relax and just need to work it. When you finish, your mind will be free and your soul will be peaceful.

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OCEAN BOAT: Jump out from your boring life and make a remarkable turning point like this Sailboat get out of the Ocean in the Painting.


Time flies and life out there changes every day, so why do we always stay in our comfort zone? Being too dull and even stressful because of being stable for too long, then just take a walk on a new vibrant path. It’s also the message we want to send to those who are getting stuck with their life through this Ocean Sailboat Diamond Painting.

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SUNFLOWER: Always moves itself in the most direct position in front of the sun, the Sunflower is the symbol of joy, hope, spiritual faith and worship.


The sunflower deals with long life, good luck and is considered very auspicious. The orange color of this Sunflower Diamond Painting signifies vitality and intelligence. Orange is also a powerful color to use in aspects of self-acceptance, and a great tool to auger self-confidence. The Sunflower is a signal to remind us to follow our instinct, follow our joy, follow what lights us up.

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DREAM TREE: The Tree commonly represents the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. The Dream Tree Diamond Painting is a reminder that your dream is never alone or isolated.


A tree is a universal symbol of strength and growth as they stand tall and strong all over the world. They spread their roots deep into the soil to ground and stabilize themselves. Trees can weather the toughest of storms, which is why they are such a prominent symbol for strength. Let our Dream Tree sparkling turn out, it’s the representation of our knowledge and experiences throughout our lifetime.

Bet you'd like this Tree of life.

Find any that suits you? If yes, don't hesitate take them home, you will not be disappointed with the outcome. If no, maybe you see things for you here. We hope this brief guide has given you a better idea of the top sellers and served as some inspiration. Like always, any questions or comments you may have, feel free to drop them down below! 

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