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Diamond painting is a crafting activity that has become more and more popular in recent years. This is mostly due to the fact that absolutely anyone can create a work of art, regardless of their creative skill level.

The premise of diamond painting is similar to that of painting by numbers. But instead of paint, small beads are used to create a sparkly image. You can buy kits to create a diamond painting of almost any image from mandalas and Disney images to cats and dogs and everything in between.

You can also use any cross-stitch pattern to create a diamond painting if you can’t find a kit that you want to create. Some Youtube Channels help you start out as a beginner, ready to make your own one? Visit The Best Youtube Channels For Diamond Painting once you want.

There are so many different sizes kits available and it can be very difficult to know what to pick, especially if you are new to the craft of diamond painting. This quick guide will help you on your way to creating a beautiful work of art that you’ll be proud to hang in your home.

1. Is the image suitable for the finished size?

Diamond paintings come in all sorts of sizes, from small (20x30 cm) all the way up to Large (160x100 cm). In general, the smaller the canvas, the less detailed the finished image will be. When buying a kit, you want to ensure that the finished size is suitable for the type of image you are creating.

For example, if the image is detailed but it states the finished size is small, it is likely not going to turn out to look like it’s supposed to.

Small sizes are also a good choice for beginners and kids. It takes just a little time to complete a small one such as 20x30 cm, 25x25 cm or 30x30 cm. Also, the most important point here is the beginners will not be overwhelmed easily, you can do section by section and relax. Don’t rush!

But smaller size canvases should only really suit cartoon-like images with very little detail as the finished piece will have quite a pixelated appearance. The larger you get, the more detailed your finished work will be. If your image has many faces in it, small size is not going to allow the necessary level of detail required.

Smaller might be cheaper, but at the end of the day, you don’t want to waste your valuable time on something unrecognizable. Diamond painting is one of few things where bigger is actually always better!

Diamond Painting Small Size Kit after finished

No idea for your first small size canvas? No worry! Some reference here: Diamond Painting For Beginner Collection and Diamond Painting For Kid Collection.

In general, consider the subject of the image to determine what size you can get away with. If the image is something abstract, maybe a landscape, you will be able to get away with a smaller canvas.

The more realistic the image, such as a face or animal, the larger a canvas you will need to get in all the necessary details realistically.  

Here are some common sizes that Pretty Neat Creative is working on, all sizes you need are there:

Group Size Canvas Size Object Type of Picture
Small size 12x8 in - 30x20cm
12x12 in - 30x30cm
12x16 in - 40x30cm

Cartoon; Portrait...
Make sure your picture has just a little detail
Medium size 16x16 in - 40x40 cm
20x16 in - 50x40 cm
20x20 in - 50x50 cm
24x24 in - 60x60 cm
28x28 in - 70x70 cm
32x24 in - 80x60 cm
(up to 10 projects)

Landscape; Family Portrait… etc (up to 5 people)
Large size 32x32 in - 80x80 cm
36x28 in - 90x70 cm
36x36 in - 90x90 cm
(more than 10 projects)
Landscape; Family Portrait...etc
Much detail is acceptable
Extra large size 40x40 in - 100x100 cm
48x36 in - 120x90 cm
64x40 in - 160x100 cm
All types of pictures

Therefore, Pretty Neat Creative is one of the special Diamond Painting Supplier that produce many large and extra large diamond painting kits. If you’d love to have a bigger than 160x100 cm, don’t hesitate to contact with Pretty Neat Creative. Contact here!

Make sure you choose a canvas size that matches your picture’s ratio. For example, your picture’s ratio is 2:3 and you choose canvas 20x20 cm or 40x40 cm, we surely need to crop your picture! So make sure you ask for advice first before placing an order.

the larger diamond painting kit you get, get better detail when you finish your kit

2. Do I know for certain what the finished image will look like?

Ideally you should avoid buying any kit that doesn’t show you an image of either the finished diamond painting itself, or the actually coded canvas you will be using to compete for the image, and instead only shows you the original image that the work will be based on.

Unless you see either of these, you really have no idea what the finished work will look like and might be in for a rude surprise when you spend hours working on it and it looks nothing like you expected it too. Also, pay attention to whether if it is a full or partial diamond image.

Diamond Painting Size Guide - Pretty Neat Creative

3. What size canvas will I need if using a cross stitch pattern?

If using a kit, you won’t need to worry about how much canvas you will need to complete the picture as everything will be provided to you.

But if you want to use a cross stitch pattern as opposed to buying a kit, how do you figure out how much canvas you will need to complete the image?

Thankfully, it’s actually pretty easy to figure this out.

Firstly, you will need to count how many stitches there are both vertically and horizontally in the cross-stitch pattern, this is usually written on the side of the pattern but if not, you just simply count the squares up and across.

For the sake of an example, we will pretend the pattern we are using is 250x320.

Next, you need to know the size of the beads you will be using. Often, most are 0.25 x 0.25 cm. The, to figure out what size fabric you need, simply multiply the figures:

250 x 0.25 = 62.5 cm
320 x 0.25 = 80 cm

You’ll then want to add on an extra 3 cm all around for framing.

So, for this example pattern, we will need our canvas to be 65.5x83 cm. It’s pretty simple to work out and now, you’re not limiting yourself to the kits you can find.

4. Conclusion

Diamond painting is great fun for all ages as well as being a great stress reliever! We hope this size guide will help get you on your way and help you avoid any of the common pit falls of diamond painting.

While it is super easy to convert a cross stitch pattern and figure out how much material you need, we always recommend starting out with a kit. Especially if it is your first time as this will ensure you have all the tools and materials you need.

Once you've gotten your head around it then the world is your oyster and you can get as creative as you want! Enjoy the journey, it’s highly addictive!

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