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Diamond Painting is not only an addictive craft but also healthy for our physical and mental health. Guess that’s the reason why you’re here and reading this, right? But, have you ever wondered how your Diamond Painting is made? From where we start the progress? What materials are used? How do they work in our warehouse? If any, this must be the article for you.

1. Designing A Diamond Painting

Our Design Team attentively work every day to create new patterns in all collections. When you order a Custom Diamond Painting, they will manually edit every detail on your picture for the most stunning painting kit when printing out.


2. Producing Process

At first, we will cover the canvas with silk to make it soft, wrinkle-free, and bring the brighter colors display then. The next step is printing, we use latex ink for the impeccably printing quality and completely non-toxic. 


Because of the different sizes of each Diamond Painting, the cutting machine can not bring the exact shape. So, we have to manually cut by hand for the most perfect one. After cutting, we will pour glue on the canvas, the poly glue is applied to it by using the pouring technique. And then, we bring the canvas to dry.

3. Packaging Process

From our Bead Storage, we will pick the beads for each Diamond Painting, then they will be packed in a hard carton-tube, along with Canvas and Tool-kits.

The tube will keep your canvas completely safe on the shipping way and everything will flawlessly arrive at your hand at last.



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