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We all know that we’re now living in a challenging time. As the consequences of the pandemic, most things shut down and we stuck at home all the time. We have to work from home and our kiddos homeschooling. There's no activity for them but sticking with their devices all the time. Frankly, I have to say that I'm sick of seeing that terrible scenery. And that's when I came up with the idea of Making Diamond Painting Together. 

At first, I wasn’t sure that Diamond Painting would really hold my kiddos’ attention. But I was wrong, Holy God, they hooked on it. Then, how to Diamond Painting with them? Of course, I'll leave my suggestions below.

1. Which one is their favorite kit?

I put this on the top because it’s super important. If you want them to stay for a long while to Diamond Painting with you, then you must pick their favorite pattern, not yours. You can take a look at our Beginner Collection which contains various choices suit your kids: Unicorn, Chibi Princess, Cartoon, etc.


Ask them which one they love and get it for them. It’s the best way to make them happy with Diamond Painting. Or you can make a custom of their own picture and sure they'll love working on their own custom-made project.

2. What if I just have a kit but a few kiddos?

Yah, I know it’s a very common situation. You have to be fair between siblings if you don’t want them to fight each other. Divide your kit into small parts and let them choose which one they want to work on. And when they choose the same part? Simply make a mini-game like Lucky Number, the winner will get the priority.

3. They drop the beads on the floor and make the house a mess …

I bet many of our mommies will lose her temper in this bad circumstance. But if you’re reading this, just take a breath, relax and I’ll let you know the solution. All the fun you tried to create before will be nonsense if you make a big deal out of them, I’m sure.

Kids don’t purposively drop the beads, even if yes, it’s still okay. Their happiness is the most important part of this game. At Pretty Neat Creative we do support lifetime extra beads, don’t worry about lacking beads for your next project.

4. Why not make the atmosphere warm with some music?

I love listening to some relaxing songs when I'm working and I know some of you do the same. Then why make it with our kids? Ask them their favorite song and create your own family playlist. 


And yeah, that’s all I tried with my kids and it worked well. Prepare and follow my tips, your family will have a fun Diamond Painting day for sure.  

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