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If you live with a Diamond Painter's spirit, there's no doubt that numerous small or medium projects have been lovingly made by your hand.  As time goes by, you may want to up-size your projects and desire to work with big diamond paintingwhich has the pasting area of 100x120 or even 160x100 centimeters.

We shared with you hundreds time about how our experts love to work with big projects and how sparkle they turn out when finished. We know it will definitely be a heavy challenge to carry out, especially at the very first steps. Nevertheless, don't put any pressure on yourself, you always have us! We list below some tips for you to deal with your huge project easier. 

1. Make a roll for your Big Diamond Painting

To work on a huge project, you need to find a spacious table or a flat that fits your canvas so that you can unreel your big picture. If your table is not spacious enough, it’s still okay, you can work with big diamond painting by following our suggestion below:
  • Use a paper roll (which has the same length as your picture), unreel your canvas and upside down it. Then coil the canvas with the paper roll, use a paperclip to pin it, just leave a part of the diamond painting that you’re going to make. Start making it from the left or right corner or even the middle, it’s up to you.


work-with-big diamond-painting

You can set up the roll for your big diamond painting like this.
  • When you finish a part or a half of your huge project, you can unroll the rolled size and do it vice versa with the other size. Remember not to take off the cover of the canvas because it may affect the glue on the unfinished size.
  • As you finish your project, take off the cover of the canvas and find a spacious space (maybe the floor) and unreel the whole picture, then you can put some books or heavy things on to make it straight.

2. Make an easel to work at ease

In case you’re suffering an injury on your body such as shoulder or back and you have to work on your diamond painting with an easel, our amazing Nic Steuer points this tip for you:

  • Find any heavy thing in your house like a piece of wood or brick, you will need four pieces of them; and a flat which is bigger than your canvas.

Nic Steuer used for pieces of wood from the broken sofa in her house.
  • Use the poster putty, cut it into the small squares, put them on both sides of 4 corners of your pieces, one side will stick on the table and another side will stick on your flat.

Nic Steuer works with her custom big projecton this handmade easel.
  • After that, place 4 pieces at 4 corners on your big table then put your flat on it and you will have a big handmade easel for your huge project!

Grand thing, grand price. You must pay a great deal of time, patience and effort to make your huge canvas become the sparkle Diamond Painting, yet the outcome will deserve, absolutely! If you decide to start with your big project, stick on your decision, never give up. Feel free to contact us to ask for help in any circumstance or join our community and our experienced experts will support you.  

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