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Finding a fun new hobby doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are plenty of crafting ideas that can be great for beginners. For instance, decorating your home, making gifts and more.

You can easily start doing that today. Check out these fun low-cost crafts that are perfect for beginners. They're great whether you're looking to start a long-term project to work on for a while, or just something less demanding that you keep you busy for a few hours.


Weaving has been around for such a long time. You may have heard of the looming technique, but there are many ways to make beautiful woven pictures. You can begin by practicing your weaving technique just using paper strips.

This will help you get the hang of how the patterns work and how to make designs. It will help save you some money while you’re figuring out if this is something for you.

After practicing with the paper strips, you can move on to more creative designs using strips of fabric from old clothes or ribbons. You can even dye your fabrics yourself if you want to create specific colors.

You can also save on buying an expensive loom by making your own! All you need is a wooden frame that fits the size of your design and some nails. Place the nails around the frame at equal distances, and you’re ready to start your weaving! 

Painting By Numbers

One of the easiest and most relaxing crafts is painting by numbers. It is so simple. A picture or design is broken into different shapes, and each one is given a number with a corresponding color. 

You then simply color each shape its correct color. The result is a beautiful piece of art that didn’t require extensive training or planning.

This craft is also very inexpensive, as you can easily print an image from the internet. Then you’ll just need a small brush and the appropriate colors of paints.

You can also purchase an entire kit - it will have all of the supplies you’ll need. Check out our rich collection of painting by number kits

Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is an amazing craft, available for everybody and with very impressive results. The process is pretty much a combination of paint by color and mosaic style art.

You create the image by strategically placing different-colored, tiny diamond-shaped pieces or tiles. These tiles are often called rhinestones. This creates a stunning piece of art with eye-catching colors and texture that shines.

There are a few different types of paint with diamonds kits you can purchase depending on how ambitious and experienced you are. There are many different kinds of designs and sizes. Some are very simple and can be done rather quickly, and others are more complex and detailed, if you’re looking for a challenge.

You can choose kits for things like Leopard Square Diamond Painting. You can even choose more religious themes like a Stairway to Heaven Square Diamond Painting. Your options are endless.

All kits come with the basic tools and equipment you’ll need to get started with your diamond painting. A good kit should come with all of the essential diamond painting supplies such as:

  • An assortment of colored rhinestones
  • A container of wax for adhering the tiles
  • Applicator tool
  • A printed design chart

You’ll want to be sure to carefully read all the instructions provided with the kit. This will help you familiarize yourself with all of its components.

Low-Cost Craft Hobby Ideas for Beginners


Knitting is another very simple and inexpensive craft to take up. It’s incredibly relaxing and requires very few supplies. You can create pretty much anything from clothes to blankets and bags by simply making loops of yarn that with become your fabric.

It’s a very simple technique that creates very impressive pieces.

There are many great resources available on the internet to find tutorials for beginners so you can start learning the technique.

Once you’ve got it, knitting can be a very peaceful and meditative hobby. Not to mention, it can be taken pretty much anywhere with you - long car rides, waiting rooms, etc.

Our knitting collection will provide you with all the supplies you need to get started. 

Low-Cost Craft Hobby Ideas for Beginners


Macrame is another simple craft. It’s done by making knots to create designs. Macrame can be knotted in a lot of 70’s era fashion and decor in belts, bags, jewelry and wall hangings.

Depending on how complex or elaborate your design is, it only requires a few inexpensive tools. For example, a pair of scissors, twine or hemp cord and some safety pins. Like knitting, macrame can be a very relaxing craft to pass the time.

Once you get the hang of it, you can create some truly stunning pieces.


Crafting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Many different types of crafting, like diamond painting, will even come with starter kits. These kits are reasonably priced and provide you with everything you need to get started. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on classes either; there are plenty of free resources online that allow you to teach yourself.

Whether you’re looking to find a way to relax, earn some extra money or create some unique gifts, crafting is a great way to do so while saving money. The types of crafts that we’ve talked about are all so easy to get started with. You’ll be creating beautiful works of art in no time.

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