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As the world is responding to COVID-19 in order to contain and cure the virus, we have a social responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our team and you - our amazing customers. Whether you want a custom diamond painting or a storage handbag, your next shipment is in our capable (clean!) hands and we are taking precautionary measures to ensure that you can continue to shop your dream outfits, while social distancing, with no disruptions whatsoever.


Our entire HQ team is working from home for the coming weeks but we’re still here to answer all your questions (via email, live chat, DMs and phone), and we’ll continue to entertain you with minigames and finished inspirations from other PNC customers.


Our Distribution Centre will be processing orders as normal while they continue to maintain a high standard of hygiene & safety by using face masks and gloves, sanitizing equipment and implementing precautionary in-house protocols.

[MARCH 24] Shipping Time Delay Notice

Because of the global decrease of the flights due to COVID-19, our logistic system has to take more time to process your order. It was up to 20 days before but now is 30 days. Besides that, some nations below are now restricting the flights, so it makes the shipping time to those countries may take a bit longer.

Please pay attention if you’re living in these restricting flight countries: Ireland, Portugal, Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia.

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us whenever you need.

[APR 28] Shipping Out Delay Notice To Who Ordered From Us On 20-28 Apr

We have to say sorry because your package might not ship out as planned. Recently, I have received the urgent inform form the shipping agency that most of the flights and ships have to be cancelled and the shipping fee double increased.

Because of that, we are now preparing for a special line ship for you to assure that your package safely arrives at your door. In spite of the double shipping fee, we still cover all the incurred expenses for you, however, the cost is now reaching its peak.

We regret to inform you that our Logistic Department has to take more time to process your order, and it will be delayed until 5 of May for shipping out. We are doing our utmost to ensure as little as a delay as possible to you.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us in case you need any further information


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