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Looking to begin a new, artistic hobby but aren’t sure where to start? Diamond painting is a craft that is not only relaxing but internally fulfilling. From horses to landscapes, there are a large variety of kits for purchase that results in a visually appealing piece for all to enjoy.

Ready to start creating gorgeous diamond paintings on your own? We found out that YouTube is the best place to start learning, so here are our favorite channels to help you start out as a beginner diamond painter and finish like an expert.

Therefore, if you are planning to make your own custom diamond painting, refer some best tips here: Custom Diamond Painting Size Guide

Lovecraft forever

Our Favourite video: Tips And Tricks On Diamond Painting

If you learn by seeing or working alongside someone, this channel may be a great fit for you. This YouTuber shares tips regarding diamond painting while working on her own projects.

She often shares the progress made on her work, so you almost always get to witness the end piece. She also teaches you how to efficiently shop for the best diamond painting patterns.

Roanna Jamir

Our Favorite Video: How To Be Fast At Diamond Painting easy Tutorial

This YouTuber is great to watch if you are just starting out and are hoping to view several tutorial videos to learn more. Roanna’s videos contain various beginner tutorial videos, FAQs and overall tips to follow.

If you are a diamond painting newbie with lots of questions, this page will most likely have the answers you’re searching for.

Or no more newbie, you are working more than difficult patterns especially custom diamond painting? Best tips for custom size guide here.

Diamond Mama

Our Favorite Video: Diamond Painting - Start To Finish #1

Is there a diamond painting pattern you’ve had your eye on lately, but are nervous it won’t be worth the purchase? This YouTuber has got you covered.

She delves deep into reviewing different pieces, along with specific kits and the tools they each contain. She also shares various purchase tips in some of her videos.

Explore different video reviews by this vlogger to learn more about certain diamond paintings and whether or not the end result is worth the cost.


Our Favorite Video: "Framing" a diamond painting using an artist canvas and Decoart Metallic Lustre!!

If you’re looking for a new best friend to engage in this newfound activity with, this is a great vlogger to experience. This is another vlogger you can watch and learn with as she hosts several videos, she titles, “Paint with Me”.

She normally records while she’s creating different diamond paintings from certain kits while talking to viewers. She also opens the kits and shares her opinions as well as links to purchase the kits with viewers, which are included at the end of her videos.  

Studio Sam

You can visit Studio Sam’s YouTube channels for all sort of craft ideas, from neon coloring kits to origami, but we absolutely love her ‘Top 10 Tips for Diamond Painting’ video and so did other 425K diamond painting fans.

Diamond Painting by Doni

If you are looking for in-depth advice on Diamond Painting, we would recommend checking out Doni’s channel, which covers anything from product reviews to tips and tricks and work in progress.

Our favourite is her, ‘Storage System, Past and Present’ video which will help you get your station neatly organised. Make sure you read through the comments, for more nuggets of inspiration.


All of these channels are resourceful in their own unique ways. Whether you are searching for more intricate how-to tips to get started, or have become a pro and want to learn about the best kits or patterns to purchase. All of these channels contain the necessary information to teach you more about the hobby you love.

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