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Wait {{customer_first_name}}! Do you want to make your Diamond Painting neater with straight pasting drills?

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Diamond Art is great crafting that brings lots of benefits for both physical and mental health. However, it’s not always an easy job, even becoming an extremely hard task when we get unexpected accidents. Among them, popping drill is one of the most popular ones that we have ever heard from our painters

With the purpose of helping Diamond Painters solve the problems they may get, we carried out research and created a Collection of Tool Kit which is used to address each particular issue. This Diamond Painting Ruler Set Plus is a part of the Collection and the best key to get out of the popping labyrinth. Moreover, this kit also comes with some awesome tools that bring you a smooth work in progress and also boost your speed.

Tips to use diamond painting ruler => Read here


  • The mesh rulers for both square and round drill make your Diamond Painting stay neat and straight.
  • The tweezers help you correctly stick drill to canvas.
  • 28 lattice storage box, which is sturdy and broken-resistant, will secure your beads from dropping or loosing.
  • The roller and fixed tool will be the best assistants for the finished artwork which keep your drill firmly stay on canvas.
  • A smart and big-saving shopping way.


  • Quantity in one package: 15 items


  • 1 x Square ruler
  • 1 x Round ruler
  • 1 x Roller
  • 1 x Fixed tool
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x 28 lattice storage box
  • 1 x Label sticker sheet
  • 1 set x Regular tool (1 pink pen, 1 tray, 1 wax, 5 zip bags)

Note: The Diamond Painting Ruler is only available in one size and may not fit every canvas. After heating & glue-pouring process, the canvas materials may be stretched. It may cause the Diamond Painting Ruler unable to fully utilize its benefits.

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Love it!
Nancy P. on Jan 04, 2021

Very nice and works very well, I arrive in perfect condition and super fast. I highly recommend

The game changer item!!!
Nick S. on Dec 20, 2020

Really fun to work on!

I love it and would 100% recommend it!
Sofa D. on Jan 10, 2021

Very pleased with this, I get all stressed out with my spilled beads. Thank you PNC

Great product!
Holly D. on Dec 01, 2020

Love the quality!! It works!

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