DIY Karma Mandala Light



We assure that your package will be transported to Logistic Company within 8 days since you place your order. Nevertheless, we are still suffering the impact of nCOV virus. The decrease of global flights makes our logistic system take more time to process your order. It was 20 days before but now up to 60 days. Besides that, the postal services in some nations below are now restricting to prevent and control the epidemic, so it makes the shipping time to those countries may take a bit longer.

Please pay attention if you’re living in these affected postal services countries: Australia, USA, France, Portugal, Spain, UK, Caledonia, Colombia, Nepal, Jamaica, Iran, Italy, UAE, South Africa, Madagascar, Philippines, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Latvia, Nepal, Kuwait, Maldives, Rwanda, South Korea, Mauritius, Guatemala, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Samoa, French Polynesia, Curaçao, Malawi, Nepal, Togo, Portugal, Vietnam, Mongolia, Luxembourg, Fiji, Bozwana, Serbia, Mali, Thailand, Greece, Argentina, Iceland, Estonia, Slovak, Czech Republic, Grenada, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Poland, Belgium, Mexico.

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us whenever you need.