Pumpkin Gnomes In Fall

By Anna Pigusova | Shutterstock


12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm)
12" x 16" (30cm x 40cm)
16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)
16" x 20" (40cm x 50cm)
24" x 32" (60cm x 80cm)
24" x 32" (60cm x 80cm)
32" x 40" (80cm x 100cm)
32" x 40" (80cm x 100cm)
36" x 48" (90cm x 120cm)
36" x 48" (90cm x 120cm)
40" x 64" (100cm x 160cm)
40" x 64" (100cm x 160cm)
Pumpkin Gnomes In Fall
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Product Description:

At Pretty Neat Creative, we believe that nothing is as unique, personal, or well-received than something that’s been lovingly handmade, which is why we’ve created this Pumpkin Gnomes In Fall Diamond Painting Pattern, which will have you feeling inspired and excited about Arts, Crafts, Sewing and your 5D diamond painting projects.
You’ll be pleased to hear that we offer an Uh-Oh Warranty, as well as a lifetime of unlimited and free replacement diamonds at no extra charge. Feel free to contact us to request additional diamonds.

Have a look at our recommended add-ons and tools to help you complete your project quicker.

If you’d like to frame your completed project, you can have a look at our available options here.

Product Features:

  • Addictive mosaic-like crafting hobby, resulting in a shimmering work of art.
  • Can be completed anywhere – at home, the office, or while on vacation.
  • Your completed project can be framed and hung in your office or home for all to admire.

Product Specification:

  • Wrinkle-free canvas
  • Frame included: No
  • Pasting Area: Full-drill
  • Poured glue technique – no creases or bubbles
  • Resin diamonds: you get the most sparkle with the 26-facet square diamonds and the 13-facet round diamonds
  • Canvas size = picture size + 6cm edges
  • Color: picture size 40cm up: over 35 colors, picture size 60cm up: over 50 colors

Included in Package:

  • Reusable cardboard tube packaging material
  • Crease-free silk lint canvas
  • Enough diamonds to complete your project, packaged in labeled zip lock bags
  • Multi placer
  • Pen grip
  • Tray with convenient funnel
  • Precision tweezers
  • Pink wax

1. What is a pixel?

The term pixel is short for "picture element," and pixels are the tiny building blocks that make up all digital images. A digital image is made from individual pixels, much like how a Diamond Painting is made from individual small drills. 

The pixels are usually too small to notice when viewing an image at a normal zoom level (100% or less). Instead, we see what looks like a continuous image, with light, shadows, colors, and textures - all blending together to create an image or scene that looks much like it would in real life. But what we're seeing is actually an illusion. To work around this illusion, we need to look closer.

For example, when looking at the girl's eyes in this photo, you can see the white, brown, and maybe a little black, right?


By clicking a few times to zoom in on her eye, you'll start to see what looks like a continuous image, but is really made up of tiny squares. These small squares are called the pixels.


And if we zoom in even closer, we see that each pixel displays as a single color. The entire image is just a grid of solid-colored squares. There're various colors in the eye now: yellow, purple, green-mint, etc., which we can not be observed when viewed at a normal zoom level.


2. How are pixels relevant to Diamond Paintings?

Just as with a digital photo, a Diamond Painting is made up of pixels too. Each tiny diamond you place on your canvas translates to a pixel.

We can't see all the photo details when we see it at the pixel level, which is also true of Diamond Paintings. Working on a Diamond Painting means you build it up with your colorful drills or diamonds, and at such close proximity, you won't be able to view the entire picture.

This could be the reason you might think we've sent you the incorrect color diamond when compared to the original photo. We recommend you complete your project, hang it up, and view it from a distance. You'll be amazed at how accurately it turned out.

3. What's the difference between a small and large-sized Diamond Painting?

To produce an accurate copy from a photo to Diamond Painting, we base our design on the pixels obtained from the original photo. 1 cm2 equals four drills on the canvas. When you place an order, we will scale the picture to match the size canvas you choose. The larger the canvas, the more we zoom in on the picture. That's also the difference in color and details between the different sized Diamond Paintings.

All this seems theoretical and abstract, so we'd like to help out with an example. If you look at the picture below of the Eiffel Tower and Bridge Diamond Painting, you'll see the leaves on the left side seem only red with a bit of yellow in between.

For the smaller-sized canvases (50cm and under), we'll zoom in to view it at a pixel level, and now you'll be able to see additional colors like dark red, light red, pink, white, brown, etc.


For larger canvases (50cm and up), the pixels will be seen as follows. You can see even more colors than the image above, like mint-green, sand, grey, etc.


Please refer to our Diamond Painting Size Guide for more information and how to calculate the appropriate size custom canvas for your photo.

4. How many colored drills or diamonds are there for a Diamond Painting?

As explained above, the number of colors for a Diamond Painting will depend on the size of the canvas and the complexity of the original photograph.

  • For smaller-sized canvases: There will always be 20-30 colors provided, but for more intricate and complex paintings like the Autumn in the Forest Painting below, you'll be provided with 40 drill colors for the 30x40cm sized canvas.


  • For larger-sized canvases: From 40cm and up, you'll usually be provided with at least 30 drill colors. However, the original photo has fewer details, so there are only 15 drill colors provided, even for the larger canvases. As an example, the Moose Diamond Painting, sized at 60x80 cm, only has 15 drill colors.

5. What the Diamond Painting experts have to say?

Every Diamond Painting Expert has some experience with this issue, and here is their advice:

Images are made up of many other colors. Don’t critique the colors too closely until you finish it then step back and look at it. If you take a picture and zoom into pixel level you will be amazed at all the different colors you see.

Veronica N.

Colors are rarely the colors you see in the photo as they are made up of many other colors. Like white is never “white”. Pixel pictures (what Dps are) are made to look at from far away and not up close so you need the other color to make it read.

Kay P.

I mistakenly got the smallest size for my first Diamond Painting because I was unaware that I need a bigger picture to get good detail. I still like the way it turned out though! Just remember for future pictures, it's like pixel art. The bigger it is the more pixels which means more colors of diamonds, therefore more detail.

Annie V.


What's in your kit?


Handcrafted Packaging

We hand-craft each friendly cardboard tube to prevent canvas creases, wrinkles, and breakage!

Always Evolving

Our designers devote all their energy to bring you the newest unique-trendy designs.

365-Day Warranty

Your purchase is completely risk-free and protected by our 365-day return policy!

Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty

For the whole lifetime, we provide you with Unlimited and Free-Replacement Beads.

Your Pretty Neat Creative Order Includes
Image Reusable Packaging Image Precision Tweezers
Image Crease-Free Canvas Image Pink Wax
Image 26-Facet Diamonds Image Thank You Card
Image Diamonds in Labeled Zip Bags

Image 365-Day Return Policy
Image Magic Multi Placer Image Unlimited Replacement Beads
Image Pen Grip Image Lifetime Warranty
Image Tray With Funnel

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