Bias Binding Foot


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    Product Description:

    Using bias binding can give a sewing project that professional touch, whether it is used on the inside or the outside of a garment. But sewing bias binding is never an easy task. Moreover, it usually takes us a lot of time! Now that's history, with the help of Bias Binding Foot, you'll see how easy it is to work with bias binding and how quickly it can change the appearance of a garment.

    Product Features:

    • You don’t have to pin the binding all the way around whatever you’re sewing before you attach this binding foot.
    • You just feed the binding into the binding foot while you feed the fabric in.
    • The cone on this presser foot wraps the binding or bias tape (pre-folded or not) around the fabric edge. 
    • Adjustable screw for different binding sizes up to 1 inch wide. 
    • Measurement notches listed in mm
    • Fits many Standard Low Shank Snap-Brother, Singer, Janome, Elna, Pfaff and so on

    Product Specification:

    • Material: Durable Metal And Hard Plastic
    • Size: Approx. 4.5x3.8cm or 1.8x1.5inch (L*W)


    1 x Bias Binding Foot

    Note:If you don’t know what sort of shank your machine has, it’s probably a low shank. Because High Shank machines are generally “fancy” embroidery models which are more costly, and those who invest in these models tend to know exactly what shank type it is. Most household sewing machines are "low-shank" and will fit this presser foot.