Tool Kits 26 pcs


  • Diamond painting is helpful to train your focusing skill, reduce stress and relieve pain but it can also be an extremely hard task if you don't have enough support tool. This Tool Kits 26 PCS For Diamond Painting was born to solve all trouble you may face when working in progress. Now you can throw all worries about low-light condition, injury or storing beads place. Just relax and enjoy your diamond painting with this product.


    • The Light Pad surface is made of special acrylic, which brings you vision technology, flicker-free super-bright, environmentally-friendly LED with reference grid. It's convenient to use on a desk or in lap, easily assembled, carried, and stowed away.
    • The Light Pad Holder with 4pcs clips can firmly fasten your canvas. Three adjustable angles with metal frames not only can hold and protect your light pad perfectly but also can provide you with the best viewing angle.
    • The Storage Boxes are made of transparent PP material, which is environment friendly, durable, sturdy, and broken-resistant.
    • Other back-up tools in case you lose your tool kit.


    • Light Pad Size: 13.2x9.2x0.1 inch
    • Light Pad Holder Size: 6.3x5.2x7 inch
    • Storage boxes quantity: 24


    • 1 x LED light pad 
    • 1 x USB cable
    • 1 x  LED Light Pad Holder
    • 4 x  Clip for fixing canvas/paper
    • 1 x  Label Stickers 
    • 10 x Glue clay
    • 4 x diamond stitching pen
    • 2pc x storage box (12 grids/each)
    • 2 x plastic plates