DIY Hamsa Hand Light


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    Have you ever think about making a DIY Sleep Lamp as a gift to your friends, your family? Even your children can make it by themselves. It does not only bring fun to you and your children while DP-ing but also brings happiness to the receivers. These ideas will always come in handy!

    At Pretty Neat Creative, there are so many amazing designs of Diamond Painting that are always unique and beautiful. Let's get one and have fun! 


    • Sleep Lamp - Led Diamond Painting
    • Diamond Shape: Round
    • Material: Acrylic / Resin
    • Battery: 2 X AA Batteries(Not including)
    • Size: 15x15 Cm/ 6x6 In


    • 1 DIY Hamsa Hand Diamond Painting
    • No battery included
    • Tools: Beads, Tray, Pen, Glue