Light Pad Case A4

Light gray
Deep orange
Deep gray


  • "A must-have for your diamond painting kit. Protection for A4 light pad with a peace of mind."  "Completely protect my light pad" - This is what they said about this Light Pad Case A4.

    Just imagine you have an A4 Light Pad and sometimes you feel insecure because there is no protection for it or what you can do in case you have a travel, you want to bring it with you? If any, this product must be for you, let's protect your A4 Light Pad and transfer in one easy move now. No matter wherever you go, this case will help you keep your tool in safety. 

    "I have no light pad yet..." - Then why not take this must-have item for any Diamond Painter? Click here to get it now.


    • This Light Pad Case A4 is made of felt which is an environment-friendly material and completely safe for our skin.
    • Simple but stylish, compact design.
    • Not only suitable for protecting your light pad at home but also bringing it to travel.


    • Waterproof, Loose Buffer, Recyclable, Eco-Friendly
    • Material: Felt
    • A4 Case: 36x27x0.6 CM
    • Weight: 0.1 - 0.13 kg
    • Color: 3 colors (Deep Orange, Light Gray, Deep Gray)


    • 1 x Hand Bag Case