Missing Beads - Only For Our Customers

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Minimum Amount You will get
$50+ One Magic Diamond Painting Gadget (costs around $14)
$100+ One Special Shape Diamond Painting Kit (costs around $30)
$200+ One LED Diamond Painting Kit (costs around $60)

Missing / Replacement Diamonds - Square & Round Available 

Did we mess up? We're so sorry! In our excitement to send you your painting kits, we may have missed a bag or two. Order this product to get your missing diamonds for FREE.

How to order?

  • Step 1. Choose Diamond Shape (Round/Square)

step 1 - choose shape

  • Step 2. Enter DMC Colors Code And Quantities, separated by a comma.

step 2 - enter color code

  • Step 3. Enter your order number. If you are not sure what your order number is, please recheck your order confirmation mail/message.

step 3 - enter your order number

  • Step 4. Enter the name of the picture that is lacking beads

step 4 - enter the name of the picture

  • Step 5. Take a clear photo of the diamond painting, circle the DMC color codes which are missing and write down the missing quantities. After that, click on the Upload button and send us your photo. You can skip step 5 if you have already provided clear information from step 1 to step 4.

step 5 - Take a clear photo of the diamond painting

Important Notes:

1. There are three (03) sizes for diamond bags: Small, Medium and Large. 1 Large = 10 Small; 1 Medium = 5 Small.

2. One (01) Small bag contains 200-220 diamonds. Please take this into account when you figure how many bags you're missing.

3. The picture below shows how to identify the DMC color code and quantity. So please read it carefully.

DMC color code and quantity


Shipping Info

Orders typically take up to 7 days to process (during holiday period, processing times may take up to 14 days). Shipping can take up to another 14 days. In total we expect 3 - 4 weeks for them to arrive. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and tracking number so no worry!

Our 7 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

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