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I ordered a custom from here and I have to say that I'm very impressed with the outcomeof it! Im about halfway through and the detail is just impeccable!!!


I really like these frames. I just wish they came in longer lengths as I have been doing 100 cm lengths & want to do more large pictures. I was afraid they wouldn.t hold the weight of ( the finished picture) - no problem . As I say - these are great (just need more lengths)


The details and colors are awesome. It was a joy to do. Qualty drills and canvas.





Best quality kit I have worked on

Have just begun this project. I'm very impressed with the quality of the canvas, the extra brilliant drills and cleanly printed canvas. The one I'm doing is 50x50. If anyone is thinking of ordering this kit, go for it! It's a pleasure to work on. Thank you all at Pretty Neat for your hard work producing this one!

Great Tool!

My daughter frequently spills her diamonds all over the floor, and although this picks up dirt and lint as well, it is MUCH easier than trying to pick them all up individually!

Fastest Shipping yet

After only taking 2 weeks to arrive I was stunned at the content. I had been eyeing off a couple of the items but never pulled the trigger in actually buying them. The items ranged from the Small to the Large and I can't wait to get stuck in and do them all. Well worth spending the $ for.


After being shipped on the 4th I received on the 9th. This was awesome. Good variety. I only already had 1 item in box. Love everything in box.

Just finished this and I love it. Someone else has already said, so i just want to request it too, more art deco please!


I enjoyed working on this. Everything was great quality. Very happy with the outcome.

Very helpful, love it

Very helpful, love it

Custom Kit
best canvas I have received

the packaging is awesome and the quality is great. Love the sizing choices, too.

Just started

This is my third kit.....once it arrived, I couldn't wait to finish #2 so I could start this one. Love the colors. I started it yesterday. The only change I'm going to make is adding a few AB drills. There are no AB drills in this kit but I have some AB's leftover in a couple similar shades from other kits. I'm going to drop them in a few small areas for extra sparkle.

My PNC kits did take a long time to arrive but now that they are here, am happy with the quality!


I couldn’t believe how beautiful this painting came out. I will be purchasing again.

Cloe and Bella

Just wanted you to know a pretty neat creative that this was a custom of my boss's dogs for her birthday! What a beautiful job you people did!

Love this lamp

I love this lamp. It only took me about 2 hours to do the diamond painting and when I put it in the base I was amazed. It's so pretty.

I enjoyed doing this lion, it took me 9 days to do. But the outcome BEAUTIFUL.

You will love it.

My pictures took a while to come because of this virus hold up but I am glad I finally got them. My granddaughter just loves hers and enjoys working on it. I love mine too and have now got some family members looking for ones . We may get a lockdown again so these pictures are the ideal way to occupy your time. You have everything in the package you need ,it’s well thought out. Heartily recommend you get some.


I’ve been doing diamond paintings for 1.5 years now. Yes I have used difference sites to purchase my kits.
Pretty Neat Creative is the BEST, second to none. Yes, prices are a bit higher but it is the quality in their products that are outstanding.
The canvas is soft easy to work with. Drills stick to canvas easily. Drills are individually packaged and labelled. The mapping is clearly visible. Not blurry, nice and crisp.
The different tools sold for the products are pretty good as well. I have the lighted board, protective felt cover the the light board. Beautiful pens, rulers for placing drills, etc., etc.
Need help with something ? Staff are ready to help. Very friendly , knowledgeable people.
Why shop anywhere else ?


fabulous quality on the canvas, the drills very nice good packing.
The 5 panel galloping horses looks great. Would be nice if it was possible to upload e picture of the finished product here at the review
Thank you Pretty neat creative

Sewing Machine

OMG this is beautiful.. I’m so happy with this product!

first day in heaven---beautiful

this diamond dots, is absolutely lovely. will take pleasure in putting on my wall

Beautiful Piece

Just received this painting in a 36" x 48" (90cm x 120cm) round. It's huge!! I am so excited to work on this and plan on hanging it in my home once complete. Katy and her staff was so helpful in sending me previews of the campus so I could choose the amount of detail I wanted. Both the canvas and drills appear to be of good quality. Looking forward to working on this piece.

Got my 4A light but it's got a nice crack in it

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