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[JUL 10] Tracking Number Important Update

We know everyone is still patiently waiting for your orders and totally understand how frustrated you must be. I truly apologize for this issue because the shipping time is not as you expected.

First and foremost, we can all acknowledge how horrible the outbreak is and wish anyone affected by the Coronavirus all the strength in the world to recover.

Fact is, as A Diamond Painting Supply, we are also affected by the Coronavirus and demonstration as well.
🔴 Since March, our factory and all shipping agencies are seriously facing a shortage of manpower, international flights
🔴 Then June, some problems happened without our control such as fires, theft, looting parcels… Our factory understands that we must try our best of best to support our customers.

Because of that, we would like to update you on the potential impacts of the outbreak on delivery services.

We are still fulfilling orders on a daily basis (within 7 working days) but parcel volumes remain at a high level so all shipping agencies now are processing slower than normal circumstances. The standard shipping timelines have been delayed by up to 60 business days. Please be patient as we work to get shipments out as quickly as possible, with everyone’s safety in mind.

Also, you might be confused at least once because of the tracking information updated, right? Today I will help to clarify these issues for you:

The tracking number shows EXPIRED? No worries, your parcel is still in transit, the carrier has not updated the tracking information on time due to the high volume of postage.

The tracking number shows UNKNOWN or only “Logistics order created” for over a week? Your parcel could be lost or changed to another tracking number by the shipping agency. We always keep tracking daily but still missed some. So please help reach out to get new updated asap.

The tracking number doesn’t update any moving? No worries, it’s still in transit. It is just under another transportation period or arrived its destination country and delay customs inspection due to pandemic.

✅ The tracking number starts with 3A5Vxxxx, please select CNE carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with JCTxxxx, please select JCEX carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 1Z94xxxx (18 digits), please select UPS carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 8xxx / 1xxx/ 3xxx/ 4xxx… (10 digits), please select UPS carrier.

✅ The tracking number starts with 17xxxx (12 digits), please select UPS carrier.

⚠️‼️! More than the purpose of giving you the happiness at PNC, to show our gratitude to you for accompanying us through those years and our absolute trust for you, we created a revolution in our policy, that’s how our 365-day Warranty was born. These changes will make you feel safe and sound for the whole year.

🔴 Up to 365 days for you to ask for returning or refunding.
🔴 Products completed partially or fully with unexpected outcomes are also supported.

Lastly, thank you so much for being patient with us for a long time, we really appreciate your understanding and look forward to supporting you again soon.
Everything now is getting more stable and we will always keep you updated. Please stay tuned! ❤️

Because of the global decrease of the flights due to COVID-19, our logistic system has to take more time to process your order. It was up to 3 weeks before but now is 4 weeks. Besides that, some nations below are now restricting the flights, so it makes the shipping time to those countries may take longer. Expect total door-to-door shipping times between 4-8 weeks depending on your location. We will update the latest news about the shipping situation at here

We’re so sorry for this inconvenience, please stay patiently and contact us whenever you need through or the Livechat widget on the right side, or give us a call to +1(918)986-7681