17 thoughts on “Find Your Perfect Designs in One Minute!

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    Mary Berg says:

    It finally came and it was so worth the wait! “Christmas Lady” is gorgeous and awesome quality. This is the first I have ordered and I will definitely order again. I am excited about your new items that match my Lady. They will go well as a montage. Well worth theoney

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      Lyna Dinh says:

      Yes, Mary. Thank you so much for your review. Don’t forget to share your completed picture! Hope you will also introduce us to your relatives and friends.
      Thanks again and enjoy your kit!

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      Lyna says:

      Hi Linda,
      I am so sorry that we can not make a custom picture to put on a notebook. We are just able to customize a picture on soft canvases.

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    Lenora Zeitchick says:

    I have several tools but am unsure how to use them. 1. Is the ruler used during placement of drills or after? 2. How do you use the tool with the circle on top? 3. How do you use the pen tool w/room for drills inside? 4. How do you apply more that one drill at a time? 5. How do you keep the square drills straight? 6. What adhesive to you use when the canvas has no stick? 7.

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    Michelle Genet says:

    I just ordered my 1st custom with PNC, I am so excited to get started & hopefully having a wonderful relationship. I have seen several of your customs and must say I was quite impressed

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      Lyna says:

      Hi LaVerne,
      Thank you for your questions. We have a lot of nice Afrocentric designs and I sent them to your email. Kindly check and let me know your favorite pattern to help you further.

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